So I use Wikias,

All the time. They're extremely useful to me

However when I go to some, I see a lot of pages that don't exisit/a lot of pages that definately need editing, therefore this account was created. I look forward to hopefully improving whatever wikias I can.

A little about myself,

My name is Sea, I do not live in Wafflehouse Switzerland, however it is kind of a ritual that has been done for many years to fill that out as my "location". I am into horses extremely, and I work as a colt breaker. On the side I do anything from read/play and review games, manga and other such things. Purely for the fun of it.

My links to some of my stuff are:

animeplanet crunchyroll or email me at

Due to privacy reasons I refuse to post my facebook account and such.

Have a great day, and I hope to get along with everyone