Biographical Information
Alias Terapon
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Manga Chapter 39
Voice Actors
Terasaki is a middle school friend from Erika. They were really good friends back then, but they stopped talking to each other when he confessed to her during their third year and she rejected him.

In Chapter 39 they meet again, because Erika is going to work at the same place he is working at. Terapon had lost a lot of weight and became more handsome.They end up becoming really good friends again. During this part of the manga Erika and Kyouya get into a fight and Terasaki uses this to his advantage to make Erika like him since he still loves her. He listens to her problems and gives her good advice. He ends up confessing his feelings for her and wants Erika to break up with Kyouya. Even though Erika says she won't do that, he still says that she should carefully think about it. Erika ends up rejecting his offer 3 times, but Terasaki is quite persistent. Finally they end up meeting in a park where Erika wants to clearly tell him why she won't break up with Kyouya. He ends up slapping her in the face and says she should come to her senses, thinking she got brainwashed by Kyouya.

Kyouya finds out about their meeting when he goes to Erika's  workplace. He goes to the park and stops Terasaki when he was about to slap her again. When he sees that Erika had already been slapped, Kyouya punches Terasaki and threatens him to never get close to Erika again. 

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