Reika Sata
Biographical Information
Kanji 佐田 怜香
Age 21
Relationships Hitomi Sata (Mother)

Kyouya Sata (Brother)

Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Episode 11
Manga Volume 6 Chapter 19
Voice Actors
Japanese Nakahara Mai
Reika Sata is the older sister of Kyouya Sata. Kyouya doesn't talk much about her, because she only returns home once or twice a year. She has the same personality as Kyouya and lives with her mother in Kobe.

Appearance Edit

Reika is a very beautiful woman that guys will go to talk to her wherever she goes. She has shoulder-length dark red hair and sky-blue eyes. She usually wears nice clothes and it suits her well.

Personality Edit

From what Erika Shinohara had stated, Reika's attitude is worse than Kyouya Sata's. It is seen that she would harshly talk to the guys who tried to pick her up. She said that she hates men the most and said that they treat women like fools.

From what she said to Kyouya, she cut Kyouya's clothes in to ribbons before last time.

In front of Erika, Reika appears to like her but when Erika is not around, she would talk bad about her to Kyouya.

Relationships Edit

Kyouya Sata Edit

Kyouya is Reika's younger brother. She is often seen to command her brother to do things and Kyouya would obey as she cut his clothes before when Kyouya doesn't obey her.

She can't believe that Kyouya was serious about Erika as Erika is an average girl and Kyouya is a very good looking boy.

Erika Shinohara Edit

It appears that Erika is very nervous when she's with her. In front of Erika, she would act nice and smile often. She challenges Erika when she disagrees about her view of Kyouya. Later, she invites her to go with her and Kyouya to Kobe to visit their mother.

She has since become friends with Erika and appreciates her changing Kyouya for the better.