Episode 7
Episode 7
Japanese Title 落花流水 -White day-
Romanized Title Rakka ryūsui - White day -
English Title Mutual Love -White Day-
Airdate Nov 16, 2014
Chapters 11 and a part of 10
Theme Music
Opening LOVE GOOD TIME by SpecialThanks
Ending Ookami Heart by Oresama.
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Next Episode Episode 8
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Erika decided to stop this whole fake boyfriend act and instead spent some more time with Kusakabe. But Erika didn't think that it woud have been this hard to forget about Kyouya immediately. On white day Erika and Kusakabe go out and when Takeru spots them he gets worried and calls Kyouya. That's when Kyouya realizes he needs to do something.

Kyouya goes to the place where Kusakabe and Erika were. There he hears Erika rejecting Kusakabe's feelings and telling him that she still loves Kyouya. After hearing this Kyouya takes Erika with him, kisses her and says he loves her.

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