Episode 6
Episode 6
Japanese Title 臨戦態勢 -Valentine's day-
Romanized Title Rinsen taisei - valentine's day -
English Title Preparing For Battle -Valentine's Day-
Airdate Nov 9, 2014
Chapters 9 and a part of 10
Theme Music
Opening LOVE GOOD TIME by SpecialThanks
Ending Ookami Heart by Oresama.
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It's almost valentine and Erika decides to make chocolates, but she later on finds out that Kyouya dislikes sweet things. While she was walking to the grocery store she meets a guy from her class called, Kusakabe Yuu. He forgot his wallet and Erika decides to pay for him. Outside the store she gets to know Yuu a bit better and tells him he should have a bit more confidence in himself. Afterwards she goes to her own house and makes cakes for Kyouya.

The next day Yuu comes up to her and told Erika that he was able to say "good morning" loudly to some people and they even said "good morning" back to him. Afterwards she meets him again outside and Erika hears that he didn't get anything at valentine's day and because Erika felt bad about it she gave him one of her cakes. When Kyouya came outside and saw that Erika gave him the same cake he saw Yuu walking with he got mad and didn't accept her cakes and they both end up in a fight.

At the end of the day Yuu realizes that Erika was spacing out and asks if something was wrong with her. They both go to a cafe and Erika tells him everything that happened. There he confesses his feelings for her.

The next day at school Yuu walks up to Kyouya and asks why he keeps hurting Erika's feelings. Afterwards Yuu tells Kyouya that he has confessed to her and he was waiting for her reply. Kyouya doesn't seem to care about it and said some harsh stuff, not knowing that Erika was also listening.

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