Episode 4
Episode 4
Japanese Title 日々悶々 -Love attack-
Romanized Title Hibi monmon - rabu attack -
English Title Daily Anguish Love Attack
Airdate Oct 26, 2014
Chapters 6
Theme Music
Opening LOVE GOOD TIME by SpecialThanks
Ending Ookami Heart by Oresama.
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Daily Anguish Love Attack is the fourth episode of the Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Anime Series.


While she was walking back to her house she sees the girl who came out of Kyouya's house. She tells her that Kyouya stopped playing around with girls because he had found a new dog. After hearing that she ran back to Kyouya's house and tells him that it wasn't a mistake about her loving him and there she promises that she will show him how much she loves him.

The next day when they while they were walking back from school she meets Kyouya's friend called, Takeru Hibiya. He tells her that he is Kyouya's chilhoodfriend. They all go to a cafe to eat something and when they were about to leave Erika realizes that Takeru can help her in making Kyouya fall in love with her, so she tells him everything that happened up untill now. First he gets mad, but afterwards he decides to help her out. For a pretty long time they tried everything, but when nothing worked and Erika ended up crying he knew he had to do something else. At night he called both Kyouya and Erika and told Kyouya that he was in love with Erika and asked if he could take her from him, which Kyouya responded with "do whatever you want". At the end Kyouya tells Takeru that he already knew that Takeru was lying about being in love with Erika. Kyouya went after Erika and they both made up.

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