Aki Tezuka



Biographical Information
Kanji 手塚 愛姫
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Mikako Komatsu

Aki Tezuka is a friend of Erika Shinohara. Her boyfriend is an adult and his name is unknown. He wears red color glasses and he has a brown hair. She is Marin Tachibana’s best friend. She enjoys causing a lot of fight's at first and always tries to catch Erika's lies out at first however Kyouya teaches her and Marin a lesson in the cafeteria when they try to "interfere".

Screen Shot2

Marin’s Boyfriend (Top right corner) & Aki’s Boyfriend (Bottom left corner)

However later on herself, Marin and Erika become good friends and Erika confesses to Marin and Tezuka that at first her and Kyouya dating was a lie just so she could be friends with the two of them and just because she wanted to fit in. Marin and Tezuka already sort of knew somehow as they could tell from the way Kyouya and Erika were acting strange so they were just happy for her and asked her all the little girly details of how it all happened.

Tezuka's boyfriend is moving away to work in England and Tezuka is extremely upset however Kyouya and Erika and the rest try to be there for her and her boyfriend and Kyouya tells Tezuka's boyfriend if it was him he would definitely either take his girl with him or stay here with her as he smiled and remembered Erika and Erika deep down worried about what she would do if this happened to her and Kyouya and this is also seen foreshadowing their future in the manga as Erika has to make a big choice of either staying with Kyouya or moving away to Kyoto to live with her aunt to complete her studies and to become a glass maker. So although Tezuka and Marin are supporting characters and have minor roles each of them help Kyouya and Erika's relationship mature.